Caja Rural-Seguros RGA extends its commitment with youth and development

Posted On:01.18.2021

The twelfth consecutive season in the professional rangs for Caja Rural-Seguros RGA team was launched this Monday at the Hotel Cap Negret in Altea (Alicante). It was a different event, without the presence of public due to the health situation. The full roster and the new sponsors were presented with the main objective of maintaining the work of training and development of young values. On this occasion we did not have the presence of the elite and under 23 team, which will have its own presentation in Navarra in February.

For the new season, two new important sponsors have joined the project: Guerciotti and Ulevel. The Italian bicycle brand will provide the E740 Disc and the Eclipse S Disc models as spearheads. During the event, the new customization/color that will be used in competition this season was unveiled. For its part, Ulevel disembark on the team to supply the high-end garments of its new firm, optimizing the comfort and convenience of the riders.

The team’s philosophy is maintained year after year, with the training and development of young talent as the main sign of identity. This year, the three new members come from the amateur field -Jon Barrenetxea, Jokin Murguialday and Josu Exeberria-, the last two also promote from the E-U23 team. With them, the team totals up to thirteen riders who have passed through the amateur team of the twenty that make up the group. A commitment to youth that continues to bear fruit, as in 2020 Caja Rural-Seguros RGA was the Spanish team with the most wins and continued to be a springboard to the World Tour (up to 22 cyclists have achieved this, the latest being Gonzalo Serrano).

With all these elements, the season starts this Sunday in the Clàssica Comunitat Valenciana, a newly created race that will serve as a starting point for an exciting year.

Juan Manuel Hernández (Manager): “Thanks to Caja Rural and Seguros RGA we form a family with the maximum support and commitment. They believe in what we do and thanks to them we will be able to continue giving opportunities to young cyclists to develop their talent in the professional field. Caja Rural has been supporting cycling for more than thirty years. I believe that no other company can say that in this country. In addition, since 2012 we have Seguros RGA, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary in the jersey, which says a lot about them and their involvement”.

“We have one of the youngest squads in the peloton. They have shown us that they have talent, capacity for effort and values and that is why we have maintained practically the same block as last year. We are convinced that they are capable of taking a step forward and we have completed the squad with three young men who, in my opinion, have been the three best amateurs in Spain”. 

Ricardo Goñi (Institutional Relations Director of Caja Rural): “I would tell young people to be proactive, to train and prepare themselves to the fullest, to give 100%. Let them take advice and listen to what they are told because it is for their own good and that of the team. And to the older ones, to help them keep growing and follow the right path. In Caja Rural we also learn from each other. Many young people enter every year and develop as professionals”.

“All these years as sponsors are an example of permanence and durability. We, the Caja Rural, have known how to adapt, modernize and at the same time maintain the essence of what a financial entity should be. This year the team will take a further step in raising awareness. It will be carrying hybrid cars and the jersey will have a pocket for storing waste. They are small things but we are all aware that we must continue to take care of what surrounds us”.


  • Aberasturi, Jon (Álava, 31 años) – 3rd season.
  • Amézqueta, Julen (Navarra, 27 años) – 4th season.
  • Aular, Orluis (Venezuela, 24 años) – 2nd season.
  • Bagües, Aritz (Guipúzcoa, 31 años) – 2nd season.
  • Barrenetxea, Jon (Vizcaya, 20 años) – New, Cafés Baqué.
  • Calle, Juan Fernando (Colombia, 21 años) – 2nd season.
  • Cepeda, Jefferson (Ecuador, 24 años) – 3rd season.
  • Cuadros, Álvaro (Granada, 25 años) – 4th season.
  • Etxeberria, Josu (Navarra, 20 años) – New, E-U23 team.
  • García, Jhojan (Colombia, 22 años) – 2nd season.
  • González, David (Ávila, 24 años) – 3rd season.
  • Irisarri, Jon (Guipúzcoa, 25 años) – 5th season.
  • Lastra, Jonathan (Vizcaya, 27 años) – 6th season.
  • Lazkano, Oier (Álava, 21 años) – 2nd season.
  • Martín, Sergio (Madrid, 24 años) – 2nd season.
  • Murguialday, Jokin (Álava, 20 años) – New, E-U23 team.
  • Nicolau, Joel (Girona, 22 años) – 3rd season.
  • Osorio, Alejandro (Colombia, 22 años) – 2nd season.
  • Sáez, Héctor (Albacete, 27 años) – 4th season.
  • Urbano, Carmelo (Málaga, 23 años) – 2nd season.