Álex Aranburu claims a fantastic win in Clunia

Posted On:08.16.2019

The phenomenal streak of Caja Rural-Seguros RGA continues in Vuelta a Burgos. Álex Aranburu has added the second win for the green squad in this race. The Basque cyclist has imposed himself on an uphill finish, demonstrating his power on the ramps of the Roman City of Clunia.

To achieve this success, Caja Rural-Seguros RGA has worked hard throughout the day. First, Jefferson Cepeda, collaborating in the persecution of the breakaway; then the rest of the team members, leading Aranburu and Aberasturi to head positions in the decisive kilometers of the stage.

Precisely Aberasturi, winner two days ago in Lerma, has been fundamental in the triumph of his partner. He led the small bunch within the last kilometer. Then, Aranburu took advantage of his strength to beat the Belarusian Riabushenko and the Portuguese Rui Costa, both of UAE Emirates. For Álex it also mean adding his second victory this season.

Álex Aranburu: We completed a perfect stage. The whole team has supported me in the approach to Clunia. Cristian and Sergei have been very close to protect me. I knew we had to make a hard climb to have more options and it came out as we had planned. The end suited Aberasturi and me, although it is true that more to me than to him. I asked him to set the pace, he did it and everything went perfectly.

In the first stage I could almost win, in the second one Aberasturi did it and today we were able to achieve the victory again. Two out of three is very good. Neila is a very beautiful stage, also looking forward to the Tour of Spain. We will give it all and try it.

Photo Gómez Sport